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Disability Awareness UK – helping you become enabled

Just Walk is an exciting charity walk across the beautiful South Downs for anyone wanting to fundraise for the charity of their choice. Choose a distance to suit your fitness level or goal: we offer 10km, 20km, 40km or 60km routes.

Welcome to Disability Awareness UK. We have been working with disabled people – children & adults since 1967 in many parts of the UK. Whether we were involved with families, in your youth clubs, charity shop or furniture projects, integration was our aim. Having learnt, from first hand experience, how much even the most severely disabled people can contribute to the success of a project we feel the younger the children are when they first become aware of disability, the more impact it will make on them and they will have no problem accepting disabled colleagues later in life. And for some cleaning tips you can visit SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London.

Disability does not end in childhood when the child grows up, the problems of adulthood, ageing and at some point many of the early problems of aging and whilst many elderly people do not have serious disabilities, many do.